This Week’s Menu

*The menu is indicative, and can be subject to changes during the week

June 17, 2019


*June 18, 2019
SoupCauliflower creamy soup
Chicken soup with dumplings
Daily MenuChicken Beirut
Mexican pork stew
Roasted potatoes with rosemary
Basmati rice with vegetables
Vegetable mix sauteed
Cabbage salad with tomatoes
Assorted salad
MenuChicken sweet chili
Korean style pork neck
Chicken grill
SteakHouse fries
Mediterranean DishKeftedes with yogurt and lemon
VegetarianWrap with avocado and sweet potatoes
Potato and mushroom stew
Salads Main Course 
DessertVarious cakes
*June 19, 2019
SoupTomato creamy soup with basil
Meatballs soup with borscht
Daily MenuGrilled chicken thighs
Pork liver and potato saute
Rice pilaf with mushrooms
Vegetable mix sauteed
Cabbage salad with dill
Lettuce and onion salad
MenuBuffalo Chicken Tenders with mustard and honey sauce
Lebanese-style perch
Grilled salmon
Grilled chicken breast
SteakHouse fries
Mediterranean DishTuscan Chicken with creamy sauce and garlic
VegetarianPeas with tomato sauce
Kapia pepper filled with feta cheese
Salads Main CourseCobb Salad
Oriental potato salad
DessertVarious cakes


*June 20, 2019
SoupBroccoli creamy soup
Bean soup with smoked meat
Daily MenuChicken with wine sauce, bacon and mushrooms
Pork roulade with gravy
Potatoes Anna
Rice with garlic and green onion
String beans sauteed with garlic
Cabbage and carrot salad
Assorted salad
MenuCaesar Chicken Wrap
Roast chicken with garlic sauce
Chicken grill
SteakHouse fries
Mediterranean DishIsraeli meatballs with tahini
Cauliflower Bang Bang
Salads Main CourseCaesar Salad with chicken breast
Chickpeas salad with avocado and feta cheese
DessertVarious cakes


*June 21, 2019
SoupVegetables creamy soup
Beef soup with sour cream
Daily MenuChicken with soy sauce and vegetables
Grilled sausage with onion sauce
Potatoes with butter and garlic
Chinese fried rice
Vegetable mix sauteed
Chinese salad
Tomato salad with onion
MenuChicken schnitzel in coconut crust, with mustard sauce and honey
Chicken with mascarpone and mustard
Grilled salmon
Grilled chicken breast
SteakHouse fries
Mediterranean DishChicken Gyros
VegetarianString beans with tomato sauce
Spring Rolls
Salads Main CourseBulgarian Salad
DessertVarious cakes